Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a nerd.

My awesome friend was nice enough to take me to the dining hall last weekend. While we were eating, a friend of hers, and an acquaintance of mine, decided to join us.

I had only talked to this kid a few times. We had a couple of classes together, but that was about it. So we proceeded to engage in the typical small talk: How’s your summer been? Oh, you’re taking classes. You found a co-op? Congrats! 

As he stood up to leave, he casually commented,

post 130 image 56

My friend and I both looked down in confusion, since she was wearing a normal pair of boots and I was wearing an ordinary pair of sneakers. We looked at each other. We all laughed. And then my friend excitedly blurts out,

post 130 image 57

I froze.

Because I was. But it wasn’t obvious. At that moment, I was dressed as a character from the Disney show Gravity Falls:

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Since, that weekend, I was attending Anime Boston. I hadn’t bothered changing my outfit because I knew that, unless you watched the show, it would look like I was wearing normal clothes.

post 130 image 58

My friend didn’t recognize my plea and went on.

post 130 image 59

AHHHH!! HEY!! WAIT!! STOP! I barely know this kid!

post 130 image 60

I had no choice but to admit to it.

post 130 image 61

He gave me an odd look, assured me he didn’t judge about that kind of thing, and walked away.

I was mortified.

post 130 image 62

Later on I was still beating myself up about it. Darnit, now I’ve been forever branded as the weirdo who dresses up in costumes. And then I realized something even worse:

post 130 image 63

Which almost seems absurd, considering what I do. I write a blog using comics. I have a tumblr full of nothing but anime gifs and Pokemon fan art. My current Facebook profile picture is me, dressed as Link, next to a Skyward Sword Zelda. I love this stuff so much that I’ll dish out fifty bucks to attend a con with other nerds.

Still, I know that not everyone thinks highly of the dorks. When the Prudential Center was overrun by people with costume this weekend…

post 130 image 3

The lines for Panda Express and Sarku Japan were loonnnnnnnnnnnng.

…it was hard to miss the looks of pure judgement from the passerby.

post 130 image 64

Despite what I do online, when I meet people in real life I don’t exactly advertise that I like to draw comics or dress up in costume or spend hours and hours playing Katamari Damacy.

post 130 image 65

Being a nerd nowadays is less of a stigma than it was, say, 20 years ago. Still, at moments like those, I can’t help but think

post 130 image 66

Because the fact is, to a lot of people, my interests automatically make me “strange.” Or a “freak.” Or a “loser.” Even some of my friends think it’s weird. If I wasn’t into all of these things, what would my life be like? Would I have more friends? Be more fashionable? Party hard?

Yeah, if I wasn’t a nerd, I definitely wouldn’t have gone to Anime Boston this weekend.

post 130 image 1

I wouldn’t have gone to see the great performances by Yousei Teikoku, Raj Ramaaya, or Origa.

post 130 image 4

post 130 image 5

post 130 image 6

I wouldn’t have seen this ballin’ One Piece figurine set in the Dealer’s Room…

post 130 image 7

…or this Heart Container necklace…

post 130 image 8

…or this orgasmic wall of tapestries.

post 130 image 9

I wouldn’t have 400+ photos sitting on my hard drive from last weekend, when I accosted tons and tons of people to get a shot of their awesome costumes.

post 130 image 10

Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

A very good-looking Flynn Rider from Tangled.

post 130 image 11

Lightning in her Final Fantasy XIII-2 armor.

And most importantly, I wouldn’t have had a blast bonding with fellow Gravity Falls fans

post 130 image 12

post 130 image 13

post 130 image 14

and Legend of Zelda fans

post 130 image 15

A fellow Link!

post 130 image 16


post 130 image 17

Skyward Sword Zelda!

…who had traveled miles and miles to Boston last weekend to share our love for these series together.

If I wasn’t into all of this stuff, maybe I could actually be a cool cat. But if I wasn’t into comics and video games and… *sigh* cosplay, then I’d miss out on awesome things like Anime Boston. I wouldn’t get that little bit of happiness every time I see the Kotetsu Kaburagi keychain on my phone. And I most certainly wouldn’t be drawing comics.

Yeah, sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a nerd. But I sure as hell will never stop being one.






Anyway, I had a lot of fun at Anime Boston this year! Here’s some of my favorite photos from the weekend. Also, I made a video last year if you feel like watching me awkwardly talk to a camera. Enjoy!~

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