Minus One. (#267-273)

8 thoughts on “Minus One. (#267-273)

  1. No hat? No hat. Hhhmmmmm….. no…. hat…. It seems that the author of this comically done piece of writing has taken it upon himself/herself to correctly show that the character of Max has undergone a dramatic change. For it was that the boy be corpulent, but now it has happened that such a change can be seen even within his choice of apparel. This is very interesting indeed, as the boy’s quality and doings of his existence have been enlarged for most probably the greater good. May he exist with many of the greatest of these qualities and doings indeed.

  2. Arrested Development talk: By the way, while you could get a free Netflix account (pretty sure that you could do this as many times as you want if you create new email addresses), you could probably also just watch the episodes in a less sporting fashion by finding a kind website that decided to share the new Arrested Development episodes with everyone who does not have a Netflix account.

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