Minus One. (#211-217)

11 thoughts on “Minus One. (#211-217)

  1. I found another awolnation song that neither of us mentioned. It’s called MF. Don’t show this video to any kids. You can find it on YouTube.

    • I love Nisekoi! I just got through all the chapters last night. I really like how it keeps a good, quick tempo and the humor is so well done. I’m worried that it’s going to start dragging on, though, as the author runs out of ways to advance the plot– what do you think?

      • I think that the plot has not really gone anywhere so far. I mean, the only thing that has actually happened is that the four girls who like Raku have arrived in the series. But no one has ever told Raku that they liked him. Chitoge has finally figured out that she likes Raku, but that still remains a secret. Because of its humor, I haven’t minded so far; however, unless the story progresses I feel that it will be very dragged out.

  2. Okay, to be able to configure your Halo headset to your PS 3, you are going to need the headset’s pairing code. Look up the process for pairing a headset on YouTube. Also, you are going to want to get any instructions and manuals that came with your headset. It also needs to be wireless and use Bluetooth.

    • Not on me at the moment. I’ll check when I get home to Philly this weekend– I might still have my friend’s copy of TWEWY? And Pokemon, of course!
      Also, I got an actual PS3 headset today! This should hopefully work!

      • I don’t think TWEWY is a WiFi game, and I am thinking about a Pokemon game. Which do you like/have?
        But, YEAH!! YOU GOT A PS3 HEADSET!! Hook that didley up and you can talk to ANYONE IN THE WORLD… on the ps3. We’ll play LBP on Tuesday @ 7. or something else (that was supposed to be a joke, the only other game we both have is Grand Theft Auto 4).
        AAAHHH!!! I just thought of something else. Do you have your Wii with you? WiFi games I have on the Wii are Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Strikers Charged.

        • I have Black! Or was it White? I have one of those.
          Hahahahaha good joke! Man, I really have been a solo gamer… I literally have only two multiplayer games. How sad is that?
          I know I’ve played Skyward Sword, but I don’t actually own a Wii. 😦 I was able to play it because I borrowed my friend’s Wii over the summer! Otherwise, I’d be a Mario Kart master instead of being schooled by my friends all the time.

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