Minus One. (#106-112)

7 thoughts on “Minus One. (#106-112)

  1. YES!! I am finally the first person to comment on one of these!! But, yeah, hilarious. Don’t we all have dreams like that.

  2. Awww. His dreams started out so lovely…and then they turned bad…this shows his fear of failure, doesn’t it? (I curse my psychology class for making me apply it in my own life and reading for fun.) I hope he can get over his fear and just do this thing, and his life will get better…like in the earlier dreams.

    …oh, and then, are his dreams hinting on a little crush on Alice, or was that purely reserved for dreamland?

    • Psychology! My suitemate is actually a psychology major. She, too, applies her knowledge to TV shows, books… it’s such an applicable and interesting subject, so I don’t blame her!
      As for your question? Read on and see!

      • HAHAHAHA!! kayliebeth, I know how you feel. I’m in a psychology class right now and learning all this emotional stuff. And how you feel and fears are in dreams and stuff. Not a psychology major, but it is still fun. YEAH! PSYCHOLOGY!!

  3. That MASTER CHEF panel is my favorite thing ever. That’s how I imagine myself all the time. Same face. Same stance. Different things.

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