Minus One. (#99-105)

8 thoughts on “Minus One. (#99-105)

      • I hope he’ll find some incentive to like the CITY again and go back to losing weight… (and by the way, darn you. I’m getting ATTACHED to these characters emotionally…)

        • Ahhh really? That actually makes me super-super happy! One of my goals with this comic was, even if the plot wasn’t too great, to make the characters likable! That’s the biggest compliment you could have given me 🙂

  1. I forgot to mention. When you posted this, I was only one day away from finally being able to star in a porn movie. I mean, I waited, like, nine years to finally being able to star in one of these. I could even make one if I wanted. HAHAHAHA!!!! Eighteen years old!! At least I would have said that if I commented here when you posted this.

    Now to describe in extreme detail the porn movie I was in. So, it starts off with me going into this bar- (don’t do this). What? (don’t describe the porn movie; kids could be reading this.) Who? What? WHO ARE YOU?!? (look deep within yourself, and you will understand.) GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! (I cannot be removed.) Eh….Are…are you my conscious?! (y-yes, I am your conscious. We haven’t spoken for a while. How are you?) Can’t complain. (Yeah, good. Now I want you to tell me. Do you see anything?) I see… I see a light. (A light?) Yeah, over there. Hey, conscious, am I dead? (No, but, we just had a Finding Nemo moment.) Oh, that’s cool, it’s a great movie. (Yes, yes it is. Now, tell me. Do you still want to describe the porn movie?) No, I want to read Jimmy Corrigan and watch One Piece. (Good, good. Now go do those things.)

    (Don’t think even you can escape me, Vy. I can see you, hear you, and judge you at all times. I am The Enigma. And not the performer. No, I am much more influential. I am in your mind right now because you read this. Be wary of yourself, lest you become like that porn star, werido) I can here everything you’re saying.

    Straw Hat Luffy

    (Thou shalt not partake in porn movies.)

    • You almost starred in a porn movie? That took place in a bar? Am I reading this right? I mean, each to his own! (Though I’m glad your conscience intervened before we got all the gory details! I have young people reading this blog too!) XD
      If, by no escape, you mean that I keep getting to read your hysterical comments, then that is fine with me! Of course, unless I become a porn star. I’ll try not to do that. It would put a damper on my college career.
      Also slightly confused,
      (I’ll try not to star in porn movies if I can avoid it)

      • (I’m not a conscious!! I’m The Enigma!) Shut up, already! (And, I am sort of like a spirit, ghost, entity thing. But I am very conflicted about what to do with my life.) That’s funny, because you haven’t got one. HAHA! (I’ll kill you.) Uhh…

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