Minus One. (#29-35)


5 thoughts on “Minus One. (#29-35)

  1. I have been laughably busy lately, but I love your Minus One series. You did an amazing job, Vy!

    *must work harder and compete with Vy*

    • Waahh, you really think so? I keep trying to reassure myself that this comic is passable as a, well, comic. I’m really glad you like it! As simply drawn as it is, it definitely took a lot of work. 😛

      • I think it’s humorous enough to be funny, but not obnoxiously so! Do you think that the app is going to be widely available? 😛 I have some friends who keep whining about diets and I might link em up.

        • I don’t know! Right now the app is only in development. An experimental thing. I’ve heard Livestrong and myFitnessPal have great apps for calorie counters, though, as does Weight Watchers for those paying for the program. I’m glad it’s somewhat humorous! I had to be very, very careful to be sure that it never got offensive.

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