I’M BACK. And I’m so done.

I’m back in America.

I’ve been back for about a week now, since the 20th. I haven’t been able to blog even then, however, because I’ve had to wrap up my part-time cartooning job, which, by the way, I kind of suck at.  So, for the past week, I’ve powered through the remaining 43 comics in queue (out of the 365 that needed to be done) and I can now proudly say…

To clarify, I’ve been working on this comic for about nine months.

So I’m somewhat pleased to announce that I will be releasing my somewhat awful weight loss comic, Minus One, online! On this blog, no less.

So check back here every Saturday to see this ridiculous weight-loss comic unfold! Oh, but first: some disclaimers:

Thus my mediocrity will finally be unveiled to the world.

In better news, however, I’m finally able to start blogging about Japan! Coming soon!



6 thoughts on “I’M BACK. And I’m so done.

  1. Yayyyy, Vy! 🙂 Glad to hear back from you and AWESOME that you’re done with your part-time blogging job. Sounded tedious, but now that it’s finished, it’s quite an accomplishment. Can’t wait to see ’em. 🙂

    Ahhh, the picture. Pikachu plushies!

    • Thank you! I’m sooo excited that they’re done. It’s the longest project I’ve done yet!
      Ahh, Pikachu plushies. That was at the Sapporo Pokemon Center, where Pikachu merchandise was EVERYWHERE! It was amazing. 😀

  2. Yeah, you’re finished! At least, you were finished three and a half months ago. THAT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!

    “Yes, honey.”
    “…Uh… what?”

    I am still laughing!!
    However, back to my more serious voice- AAAHHH!!!!!! I almost forgot!! iiits, Question Corner!!

    Eiichiro Oda- I’m going to sue you.
    Me- “Haha. Good Luck. We’re in an underground facility!! You can’t (sirens in the background).
    Oda- Underground, huh.
    Me- We ran into budget cuts, Okay! But, you’re still tied up. SO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!
    When you draw something intense or sad or happy, do have the facial expressions of your characters?
    Oda- Actually, yes. I often find myself feeling exactly the way my characters feel when I am drawing them. I really get into character when drawing my characters. (“THIS IS THE POLICE! OPEN THIS DOOR, OR WE WILL BREAK IT DOWN!!!)
    Me- Uh, don’t come in. I’m naked. (“YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO OPEN THIS DOOR!”)
    Me- Whelp, looks like I gotta-
    Oda- Let me go and end this madness!!
    Me- What? No. I mean, it’s time to get in the van and bust outta here.
    Oda- What?!
    Me- Scott! Jerry! Take Oda. We’re bringing this show to the road!
    Scott/ Jerry- Okay!
    Me- How about you? Do YOU get emotional when draw your characters?
    Me- See ya suckers!! HAHAHA!! (drive off)

      • I do! I’ll grin when I’m drawing a happy comic strip, look serious when I’m drawing a sad moment, etc.
        I think it’s more obvious when I’m doodling, though. Like, when I’m in class, I’ll often unconsciously doodle faces that are sleeping/annoyed/confused. If I’m happy, I’ll draw happy people, if I’m blue, I’ll draw people who are down. I definitely get into it!

    • I LOVE EIICHIRO ODA. He has gotta be the goofiest and chillest guy ever. I love how half of the characters’ official information (like their birthdays) are suggested by fans and he just rolls with it. So awesome!

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