I’M BACK. And I’m so done.

I’m back in America.

I’ve been back for about a week now, since the 20th. I haven’t been able to blog even then, however, because I’ve had to wrap up my part-time cartooning job, which, by the way, I kind of suck at.  So, for the past week, I’ve powered through the remaining 43 comics in queue (out of the 365 that needed to be done) and I can now proudly say…

To clarify, I’ve been working on this comic for about nine months.

So I’m somewhat pleased to announce that I will be releasing my somewhat awful weight loss comic, Minus One, online! On this blog, no less.

So check back here every Saturday to see this ridiculous weight-loss comic unfold! Oh, but first: some disclaimers:

Thus my mediocrity will finally be unveiled to the world.

In better news, however, I’m finally able to start blogging about Japan! Coming soon!