How to get your own seat on the bus

To get back and forth from Boston to Philly, I take the bus. It’s the cheapest option, though not always the most comfortable. It can get a bit cramped at times, especially on the weekends. And sitting for 7 hours straight ain’t that cozy either.

So it’s most advantageous when no one sits next to you. Two seats to yourself to sprawl out and relax! However, when someone asks to sit next to you, you can’t say no. That’s simply rude.

Unless no one wants to sit next to you in the first place.

Like when I was on the bus the other day:

And that’s how I ended up with my own seat on the bus.

(In all fairness to myself, though, I really am sick. I need to buy more cough syrup tomorrow.)


5 thoughts on “How to get your own seat on the bus

  1. I love this! My sister and I, when we still were in contact with our father, would pull stuff like this all the time (except we weren’t sick!) when we’d travel from Indiana to California and vice versa all the time, flying unaccompanied minors on an airplane. We would try to act super annoying, throwing ourselves over seats and trying to make sure that nobody in their right mind would sit next to us. I think I wrote a post about it awhile ago!

    • Sounds about right! Nothing beats having the seat to yourself, that’s for sure. I should definitely use that strategy more often, now that I’m taking the bus all the time. 😉

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