We journey at midnight to watch shirtless vampires

My friends and I went to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

You are probably judging me so hard right now.

But you know what? I have no shame. The Twilight movies are quality entertainment. I’ve seen every one, the first three times with my sister. Each time it looked a little like this:

So, when I was asked,

I had to respond,

Thus, we gathered up our fellow female dormmates and trekked off through the rain and cold. We actually printed out our tickets beforehand and reached the theater an hour early. Regardless, when we got there… it was ridiculous.

As for the movie itself? As entertaining as I had hoped! In my opinion, it was the best out of the series. Which says very little, since the bar was set somewhat-extremely low. But there was plenty of absurdity, plenty of awkwardness to laugh at, so I was thoroughly satisfied. I don’t want to spoil it– just know that it was highly entertaining.

And our group came out pretty satisfied as well.


14 thoughts on “We journey at midnight to watch shirtless vampires

  1. This is hilarious, because my sister and I have gone to allllll of the midnight showings, too! This year, we decided we didn’t want to wait in line, so we did a marathon…which started at 4:30pm and led up to a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. It was really fun and I liked BD up until the birth scene…which I thought was a little, uh, graphic. People in my theatre were puking, no joke. . .could have done without that! But it’s just a fun tradition to go and see the movies, no matter how dumb they get. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Glad I’m not the only ‘no shame’ Twilight watcher. ;P

    • Whoa, puking?! That’s intense. The birth scene was indeed a little… gruesome. My friends and I discussed the fact that after the tween fans watch this, they will never want to have children. I have to say, I thouroughly enjoyed the movie! Twilight is always a good time, love or hate the series. (I admit, though, that I read the whole series at the recommendation of my friends. I was never quite as crazy about it, however.)

  2. After I read that first line, I promptly said “woooooow”. Then I read the next line. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! You’ve been judged. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Soooo… Do you like it to laugh at or because you like the movie. No judging. I just couldn’t figure it out. You laughed at many of the parts that other fans would not be, and many fans don’t laugh at the movie anyway.

    • And that man in the theater, maybe he’s brave (that’s a movie too) or maybe he a little…well, you know what I’m getting at. Or maybe he’s there to meet girls or to just laugh at the movie. Yeah, he just walked into the wrong theater and can’t out.

    • It’s probably a little of both. I simply find the Twilight movies highly entertaining. I enjoy the movies (they’ve improved since the first one) and I’ve read the books, so even if the movies aren’t the best, they’re still an amusing way to spend the night. And, of course, the unintentional comedic value is off the charts. Bella and Edward are SO awkward, and there are so many serious parts that are just hilarious, that it’s just… can’t not go see them.

  4. Assuming that I am not the only guy whose reads/comments on these posts, I must say being a guy and all, “Te heck!” Any guy who looks at this post will see the last photo (with them in circle) and think, “WHY? Every guy in that picture is topless, but the one girl is wearing some of the most modest clothes she could possibly be wearing!” Crap like that is why no guys watch Twilight!

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