CollegeFest is a freebie fest


It’s a sure-fire way to attract people.

There’s an annual event in Boston called “CollegeFest,” some sort of back-to-school convention. It features live performances, music, and, as CollegeFest likes to call it, “free swag.” The event claims to attract about 17,000 college kids each year. Tickets are $10.

To get kids to actually come, though, CollegeFest really pushes it. They station representatives at all the big colleges in Boston, offering free tickets if you like their page on Facebook, enter a giveaway for a Ford Fiesta, or even, in one case, beat a worker in a game of rock-paper-scissors. If, for some reason, you didn’t get a free ticket, they gave out tons of coupons that lets you in for half-off. But only if you bring a friend with you.

No worries, though– I got a free ticket. Three, actually. Thus my suitemate and I headed over to the Hynes Convention Center to see what exactly this “CollegeFest” was all about.

We discovered, in fact, that it was all about the freebies.

CollegeFest is essentially a large room full of tables advertising their companies. “Like our page on facebook, and we’ll give you a free t-shirt!” “Sign up for our e-mailing list, and we’ll give you a free laundry bag!” “Try a free sample of our new ice cream shop!”

Basically, it was the greatest place in the world.

There were indeed performances, on this tiny stage. I saw dance crews, a fashion show, kids singing, and the like. (also sponsored, of course)

Still, everyone knew that it was all about the freebies. There were huge lines at tables to get free stuff. Everyone I talked to sang the same tune:

After an hour of stocking up on freebies, my suitemate and I left. CollegeFest is a good time if you’d like to pick up some random free goods. After you hit all the tables, though, the novelty wears off. Still, if you can score free tickets, it’s a great place to stop by! Especially if you’d like to see the performances.


4 thoughts on “CollegeFest is a freebie fest

  1. Hahaha, free stuff + college student = true love. definitely!

    i’m doing some massive homework and studying but the second i saw you updated, that was negligible. 😀

  2. AH! Free stuff! Freaking amazing. That’s the kind of place I’d go to, actually…that’s why I go shopping with my Mom at Sam’s Club, cause they give out free food samples…XD

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