This is why I take the stairs

International Village is 22 stories high. There are more elevators than stairwells, and out of the few stairwells there are, only one of them can be used without setting off the fire alarm. Using the elevator is a necessity.

At most times, it’s okay. But at certain times– when everyone is going to class, when everyone is getting dinner, etc., using the elevator can look like this:

And that’s why I take the stairs.


5 thoughts on “This is why I take the stairs

  1. Yeah, for anything that’s less than 6 floors I take the stairs too xD It just feels faster to me…. that is of course unless I feel like doing elevator comedy… which works surprisingly well. Everyone can agree that the crowded elevator is an awkward situation!

    • I know! I get so impatient waiting for the elevator. The best part is when I’m carrying something big and the elevator is super crowded… I have to hop in anyway, I have no choice. It’s a good time!

    • Understandable. My sister and cousin got stuck in an elevator once. They spent a good hour in there completely bored. When the building staff finally reached them, they found my sister and cousin singing Christmas carols.

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