Awkward dancing at The Museum of Fine Arts

“College night.”

That seems to be a trend around here. Apparently, one in every five Bostonians is a college student. Target took advantage of this. The New England Aquarium is doing it too. The Museum of Fine Arts, though admission is already free for college kids, had its own college night, featuring live performances, free giveaways, and free food.

I missed all this, though. I came a few hours into the event– basically just in time for the… dance party?

It seemed kind of out-of-place in a museum, but indeed, in a large room on the first floor, music was blasting. Kids from colleges all over Boston were there. Girls were obviously dressed for a night on the dance floor.

I, of course, had no idea this was happening, so I was dressed like this:

It was okay, though. Me and dances just don’t mesh. Me on a dance floor almost always looks like this:

And that’s exactly what I did at the dance party.

I didn’t get the chance to explore the museum in full, but it seems like a pretty neat place. There’s a definite emphasis on sculpture, pottery, and other artifacts over just paintings. I thoroughly enjoyed the contemporary art exhibit.

It was an experience. I will definitely return one day! I absolutely love art so that’s another one on my list of places to visit while in Boston. (A list, by the way, that is pretty long. Which means more adventure in the future!)

I'm not sure what it is, but it's sparkly.


10 thoughts on “Awkward dancing at The Museum of Fine Arts

  1. The sad thing about the supersized toothpick is that it was in a huge room with other supersized toothpicks. And nothing else. Umm…why?

  2. Lol. Why can I see this happening to every unsuspecting college student? For me, it’s like, “oh hey, art museum–cool, I’ll look high-fashion-stylish-wear-sky-high-wedges-ultra-tight-skinny-jeans-and-flowy top”…and then having to walk in and see that everybody’s dancing? I’d retreat, too…

    “It’s art. I think.” —->>>>that about describes my artistic conviction!

    • Haha, I was completely caught unawares! Girls dress incredibly nice when they go out around here. Although often their dresses are of questionable length. I’d rather not show off my panties, thank you very much.

      • Oh, goodness! Unfortunately, it looks like the shorter girls’ dresses/ skirts are the “cooler” they are. NNNOOOOO!!! Be like Paulie, aka Rope Guy, (from the Water 7 One Piece arc) and don’t tolerate this.

        • I AM LOVING ALL THE ONE PIECE REFERENCES. Water 7/Enies Lobby is, by far, my favorite arc from One Piece!
          And indeed, girls had some massively short skirts in there. I’m pretty sure there was more than a little cleavage/panty flashing going on in there. Well, whatever. I’ll go party in my baggy clothes if I want!

          • Flashing is going on where you are?! Man, I live in safe, appropriate atmosphere: Toledo, Ohio. Just kidding, but I am near there (in an honestly nice community though).

            • That’s the lives of college students! Guys trying to be bros, girls trying to be sexy-and-whatnot. I’ve gotten used to it πŸ˜› And anyway, that’s only at parties and the like. Boston is a beautiful city!

  3. When I first saw that last photo I thought, “OH, NO! SOMEONE TIED UP A REALLY TALL GUY, MADE HIM STAND ON THAT PLATFORM AND COVERED HIM WITH SPARKLY BED SHEETS! Now I realize that is the only possible explanation…. Modern art my-

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