So I kind of worship AWOLNATION now.

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I saw AWOLNATION in concert. 

I feel the need to share. AWOLNATION, an electric rock group from LA, is one of my all-time favorite bands. I love all of their songs. I can (and have) listen to them on repeat all day. I’m kind of in love with them.

And, as it turned out, they were actually coming to Boston. During my last week of school, no less. In fact, their concert was a few hours after my last final exam in organic chemistry.

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I managed to drag along one of my friends with me– although I would have totally gone alone if need be. I even managed to drag her out a good hour before the doors to the venue even opened. Our tickets were for the floor, and, as a short person, I wanted to be able to see. 

So we waited.

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But it was worth it. I’ll be darned, it was worth it. 

Because my friend and I got in early enough to be in the very front of the floor. At first, we were in the “second row,” so to speak– right behind the people at the front railing. We watched on as the opening band, A Silent Film, graced us with their smooth tunes. (And let me tell you– they are good.)

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The beautiful lead singer with his beautiful voice!

The concert-goer in front of us was a huge Silent Film fan! So much, in fact, that she had actually come to the concert only to see them. She left after A Silent Film was done. This left a nice gap at the very front of the concert floor, which she graciously offered to me! 

Did I take it?

Oh, did I. 

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To further demonstrate how close I was, let me show you this extremely blurry picture I took of the next band, the Youngblood Hawkes.

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Oh, yes.

After they were done, and after several minutes of light-checking and sound-checking and instrument-switching, it was AWOLNATION’s turn. And the crowd was pumped. Even before AWOL came out it was clear that this was a group of devoted AWOL fans.

And out came the band, to tumultuous cheering.

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I love AWOLNATION’s music, but I wasn’t sure how good they’d be live. Their music is pretty well-synthesized and electronic. That stuff is hard to pull off live!

Or not.

If you’re them.

When they performed their music, they truly performed it. All the songs were lengthened and mixed and juiced up so that they were even more epic than the recording. The lead singer, Aaron Bruno, knew how to pump up the crowd.

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Post-exam stress plus being almost within touching distance of my favorite band equaled me dancing around like a fool. The crowd was so into it. I was at the very front. I’m positive I looked like this the entire night:

Not that it mattered. The entire audience was jumping, dancing, and fist pumping like there was no tomorrow. The band nailed every song. They didn’t need any confetti, light shows or special effects– their incredible energy alone drove the concert.

So, yeah. By the end, I had pretty much lost it.

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I couldn’t even speak full sentences anymore.

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I am now the proud owner of an AWOLNATION poster, keychain, and t-shirt. I might be wearing the shirt for the next week or so. I might also be listening to nothing but their (one) album for the next month. It’s fine. 

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Also, I’m going on vacation for the next week! I’m going to be without internet until I get back on the 23rd. See you then!