Sometimes I don’t understand shipping companies

Boston is known as the “walking city,” which I agree with. So many places are within a few miles of each other. It’s doable.

It should come with a disclaimer, though. Sure, Chinatown is two miles from Northeastern. That’s still 40 minutes or so of walking.

But the T costs money. And I like the exercise. I decided that I wanted to take up a popular sport here in Boston…

It’s always been my dream to learn how to skateboard. But as I’m not too concerned with tricks, and because I really just want to get around the city, a longboard seemed like a more practical choice.

So I used my first paycheck to order a longboard from Amazon. And waited with baited breath for it to arrive.

At Northeastern, dorms don’t accept packages– they have to be picked up in a different building. For me, the building is a short 0.3-mile walk from my dorm. THANK GOODNESS. Because the box containing my longboard looked like this:

And carrying it back was… a challenge.

I attracted plenty of stares on the way back, the looks of which can be summed up in my roommate’s reaction:

And in the end, most of the box was full of paper.

…and the board took up only a fraction of the space in the box.

That's the longboard sitting at the bottom.

What, Amazon? I don’t understand. Regardless, I’m glad my longboard arrived so quickly and safely! I can’t wait to learn how to use it. It’s gonna take some time. But it is so worth it.