I’m graduated!

Well, almost graduated. Grades aren’t released for another few days, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t fail any classes this semester. (Please be merciful, professors)

Turning in my last assignment was a bit of a shock. Immediately after, I was still in student mode. My friend asked me:

post 208 image 1

It took a few days to sink in. I couldn’t shake the anxiety. How could I not have deadlines?! Projects?! Work that will cut into my sleep schedule and make me consume even more coffee?!

post 208 image 2

Though, to be fair, that also cut into my sleep as well.

post 208 image 3

So now I’m home for the holidays! I’m taking some time off before starting work full-time in February. Current plans? Sleeping, trying to wean myself off caffeine, and reminding myself that, by some miracle, I have a master’s degree.

post 208 image 4

Because let me tell you, I sure don’t feel like a “master” of anything yet.

I should be more chill. As my professor reminded me…

post 208 image 5

Looks like the learning doesn’t end even when you’re out of school! Except this time, I don’t have to bury myself in debt to do so. In fact, I’ll even get paid!

post 208 image 6

Cheers to that!

5 thoughts on “I’m graduated!

  1. If I remember correctly, I have now been following you since you were in H.S.
    Congrats! I don’t remember the “right after” my degrees. I do remember having to go back in order to teach, then go back again for spec ed…lots of school. My daughter says I had almost as many hours as she did for her PHD.
    Enjoy and I hope we keep hearing from you. Your story is fantastic.

    • You’re right, I started this blog right after graduating high school! Sounds like you did so much schooling… good for you, I don’t know if I could handle all that haha. Thanks for reading my blog for all this time! Now that I’m done with grad school, I’ll hopefully be able to post more. My free time kind of disappeared as soon as I entered my master’s program.

      • I fully understand that. I was married and had 2 children when I was doing my Masters, I believe. Also, had a full-time job. But the hardest time was after the divorce, when I was working full-time as a teacher and had to get my licensure for Special Education online…that put me through the roof! Glad it’s all over. Of course, since the stroke, all of that is over – now, I get to live!

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