In which I try to be fashionable

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been at war with my mom.

It’s been going on for years. There has been blood. Sweat. Tears. Drama. And it’s always been about one thing:

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That’s right, everyone. I confess.

I am not a fashionable person.

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I guess I never cared as a kid. Or as a teenager. Or now. I wore sports sneakers every day until my senior year of high school, and didn’t start even attempting makeup until I graduated. Even in elementary school I thought fashion trends were stupid and that comfort trumped all. Just call me a 7-year-old hipster.

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I hated shopping. Back in the day, I’d bring my Gameboy while my mom and sis hunted for sales.

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To this day, I really only shop when I actually need something. Nothing brings me greater joy than to dress in shorts, a loose tank, and a comfortable hoodie.

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Fast forward to last winter, when I was searching desperately for an internship. My school managed to arrange a visit to Nordstrom, a chain of high-end department stores in the US and Canada. A group of students, including me, were able to meet current Nordstrom tech employees and even listen one of the VPs speak about the company.

I have to say, he sold it.

post 206 image 6.jpg

So I applied. And lo and behold, I got an interview.

post 206 image 7

So imagine my shock — and my family’s shock — when I got the internship.

post 206 image 8.jpg

I was really nervous. What if everyone there dressed really nicely? Would I need to up my fashion game to work there?

Then, on my first day, I met some of my coworkers.

post 206 image 9.jpg

I mean, I still try to dress properly for work. I’m an intern, not a full-time developer. Plus my mom would have a fit otherwise.

post 206 image 10

Gotta dress to impress, especially if you like the job! Which I do. The work is interesting. Everyone’s been really nice and helpful. I’m learning a lot!

About both technology, and fashion.

And my knowledge is a little uneven.

The other day, the interns got to go on a tour of our flagship store in downtown Seattle. We were taken around the store before it opened and got to see all the brands and designers that we carry.

It was like… how I imagine a non-programmer feels when they hear software developers talk.

post 206 image 11.jpg

Seriously. Like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

post 206 image 12.jpg

After the tour, they set us loose for a half hour to shop around.

post 206 image 13.jpg

Overwhelmed by the fancy clothes, I immediately headed for the electronics section.

post 206 image 14.jpg

But hey, who knows? Maybe Nordstrom will have a positive influence on me and I’ll suddenly become fashionable. I did see some items that I would buy!

post 206 image 15.jpg

Or maybe not.


6 thoughts on “In which I try to be fashionable

  1. Hahahahaha, I get you…I was like that all the time. Now that I’m in my 30s, single and been working for a while though, I’ve got to say that your perspective changes. I still like being comfortable but seeing all these people all dressed up at work does have some kind of impact, I guess? Especially when bosses are involved. And it doesn’t hurt to try to dress my age when you never know when you’ll meet that one guy destined for you…I guess? I still like my simple comfy clothes at home though. Oh, I’ve got to confess that I still totally dress down when I go out on weekends, I can totally pass off as a school kid…cheers! 😉

    • I hear that! Even tech people at Nordstrom dress pretty well, and the departments outside of tech dress REALLY nicely. I’ve been trying to up my game for professionalism’s sake. As soon as I get home, though, it’s straight back to comfy clothes… some habits don’t die XD

  2. Just wanted to say…. I really enjoyed this article….about fashionable. Fun stuff to read and I can completely identify…..though I’m female. 😊👍 connie

    Sent from my iPad MINI


  3. So glad things are going well. If you get a chance, take a look at Pam Grout’s “Thank and Grow Rich” (Amazon Kindle) or go to WordPress and find her page. Anyway, she’s my new great and boy is she great!

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