In which a grown man rolls around in the snow

So, like I said before, my long-distance boyfriend is currently on exchange in the US.

Not just the US, but in Boston. At my school, Northeastern University.

How rad is that?!

It’s rad for me, but I think it’s been even more rad for him. The Northeast US is very different from what he’s used to. This boy is tropical, born and raised. His hometown has two seasons: hot, and hot and wet. His university, in Sydney, experiences 300 days of sunshine per year. This summer, he experienced temperatures in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

post 195 image 1


As a result, he’s never seen snow. Not in person, anyway. Everyone’s seen it on TV– in those Christmas specials and the Harry Potter films– but he (and most Australians) has never seen snow.

post 195 image 2

Thus, whenever I sent him snapchats all like

post 195 image 23

He’d always respond

post 195 image 24

When we finally found out that he was coming to the US, he was excited. I’m sure you can figure out why.

post 195 image 3

Clearly, he didn’t understand just how horrendous the cold could be. How could he know? He’s never experienced it before. At my urging, and his mom’s insistence, he went out and got winter clothes for the first time.

post 195 image 4

Finally, he arrived in the US. In the middle of December. I greeted him in the airport, where it was heated and warm and indicated nothing of what was to come.
post 195 image 5
Then, we went outside.
post 195 image 6
His face was priceless.
post 195 image 7
He tried to laugh it off.
post 195 image 8
I had to explain to him that, just because it’s below freezing, it doesn’t mean that it’s snowing. He looked like a wounded puppy.
post 195 image 9
But he perked up real fast.
Back in Philly, however, it doesn’t snow all that often. Not as much as it does in Boston, that’s for sure. We’ll get snow a couple times a year, maybe. The boyfriend got over the novelty of the cold real fast, and waited eagerly for his first snow.
post 195 image 10
Then, finally:
post 195 image 11
That night, I went to bed. I’m not sure if he did, as excited as he was. The next morning, I was forcefully awakened.
post 195 image 12
As it turned out, the snow had arrived, and the boyfriend had already gone out to play. As I sleepily ate breakfast, he shared his observations with me.
post 195 image 13
He even took videos.
post 195 image 14
post 195 image 15
post 195 image 16
By now, I had come to view snow mostly as a nuisance. It’s a pain to walk through. It’s even worse to drive in. I commute to school by bicycle, and nothing screws up your trip more than icy roads and snow in your face.
But seeing the boyfriend all throughout that day…
post 195 image 17
…reminded me that snow is, actually, kind of nice.
post 195 image 18
And that, as boring as I find my hometown, other people find it fascinating. It’s strange, being on the other side of a foreign exchange. Usually I’m the one freaking out, you know?
post 195 image 19
Finally, the boyfriend and I went up to Boston. I figured he might like it. It snows a lot more here, so he’d get to see it more often!
post 195 image 20
Maybe a little too often.
post 195 image 21
I, as the good girlfriend, comforted him about the unfortunate weather.
post 195 image 22
Looks like he’s adjusting well.
By the way, the boyfriend is making a USA video blog! Here’s one he made about his first snow. I even cameo in it!

8 thoughts on “In which a grown man rolls around in the snow

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  2. I’ve seen a little bit of snow, when I went to the south. Although it’s usually hot in Australia, there is snow in small patches of the south in winter, and I’ve been to a couple places: once, where there was snow wedged between the sidewalk and the wall of a mall we stopped at, and once when it was snowing at a lodge we went to. However, I have also experienced below freezing (celsius) cold before that, and had to suffer the disappointment of no snow.

    But I’ve never experienced snow blanketed across the ground. Although once our car windshield froze over. And I’ve seen frost on the grass before…

    • Oh man. Reading your comment makes me really miss Australia! Snow is pretty the first time you see it. But Boston got 3 feet (91cm) of snow in the past week… I totally want to be back in sunny Queensland!

  3. I’m a brazilian guy who was searching on the net for ways to facilitate my recently started project of learning japanese. After coming across your hilarious post about radicals on another site i decided to check on this one (you where shamelessly throwing the link around) and i have to say it’s been a lot of fun, guess i’ll have to check every month for a new comic, keep ‘em coming. Now i have to get back to the torture of studing kanji.

    ps: having lived myself an entire life in what can only be described as a ridiculously hot city, i can relate to your boyfriend’s excitment to see snow.

  4. Hello!this topic is very cool!XD
    Your boyfriend took the video by himself is very good.
    I’m Japanese.I’m manga and anime crieitor.
    I’m glad to knew you like Onigiri.
    I’d just find your brog … I’ll read more another topics,
    Thank you and I’m sorry to my English is not good.

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