I’m going to Europe for a month! And it’s going to be as smooth as sandpaper.

I’ve been pretty busy for the last few weeks. I finished my internship in Boston. I packed up my apartment and moved home. And now, I’m getting ready for a month-long journey in Europe.

Wait, what?

You see, my sister just graduated from her MBA program. She’s starting her first big-girl job in September, where she’s expecting to work long hours and have little vacation time. This summer break is going to be her last for a while.

Also, we share a love for one of the dumbest comedies of all time.

post 184 image 1

So, last year, she proposed:

post 184 image 2

I agreed, of course. I’m always up for a little travel!

I wasn’t sure how serious she was, though, until I started looking for internships. Internships (or, more specifically, co-ops) at Northeastern last for the entire semester and part of summer. My sister called me in protest.

post 184 image 3

Thus, for the past several months, we’ve been booking hostels, buying train tickets, and planning out our European journey.

post 184 image 4

As you can imagine, planning a trip of this extent takes a lot of effort. Since my sister’s been out of school, she’s done a lot of the work.

post 184 image 5

I was able to plan London and Paris myself, though.

post 184 image 6

Even the most detailed plans can’t ensure a smooth trip, though. Take my New Zealand trip, for example. Yeah. My sister and I have  many concerns about our trip to Europe, including…


Do you know how many horror stories I’ve heard about thieves in Europe?

post 184 image 7


I’ve heard about pickpockets…

post 184 image 8


post 184 image 9

…and straight up destruction of property.

post 184 image 10

Yeah. I’ll be the girl with the hidden money belt, luggage locks, and anti-theft purse clutched tightly to her chest. No worries, mate.

The language barrier.

Everyone says that you can get around Europe just fine with only English.

post 184 image 11

That doesn’t mean that we’re not worried, though.

post 184 image 12

To help us along our way, my sister has compiled a small phrasebook.

post 184 image 13

At least we have Italian down.

post 184 image 14


I get lost in my own hometown. Navigating a new city every few days is going to be even harder, especially when everything’s in a different language.

post 184 image 15

Carrying a giant paper map around is like screaming, “I’m a tourist! Please rob me!” In this day and age, there has to be a better solution.

post 184 image 16

Luckily, I have an unlocked smartphone that is able to use any carrier I choose. After doing some research, I decided to try and get the T-mobile Simple Choice plan.

post 184 image 17

After a good hour at the T-mobile store…

post 184 image 18

I have the plan on my phone now.

post 184 image 19

I’ll let you know how that goes.


My parents are actually joining my sister and I for part of the trip. They’re flying into Germany, renting a car, and meeting us in Salzburg.

My dad actually asked for my opinion before deciding on our transportation.

post 184 image 20

Based off my previous experiences in Australia and New Zealand, I did not think this was ok.

post 184 image 21

After considering my opinion, and many other opinions, my dad made his decision.

post 184 image 22

This brings us back to our previous problem.

post 184 image 23

Our trip is going to be smooth as silk. I can already feel it.

Either way, my sister and I are departing the States on July 8th– less than a week to departure! Despite all my misgivings, I’m also very, very excited. Some of the things on our itinerary are things I’ve only dreamed of seeing.

post 184 image 24

And I’m sure that, no matter what bumps and mishaps come our way, it’ll be a trip to remember.

post 184 image 25

Starting July 8th, I’m going to be without a computer until August! Add me on Instagram to follow me and my sister on our journey through Europe!

7 thoughts on “I’m going to Europe for a month! And it’s going to be as smooth as sandpaper.

  1. hahaha I absolutely loved your post!
    I am so excited to hear about your travels. I am also flying to Europe soon (July 22nd) and I cannot wait. Have fun!

      • I wrote a post of my plans on my most recent blog post. But I’m not quite sure the exact countries but it will be wherever our rental car will take us (:
        I know for sure, we are stopping by Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany.
        This will be my first time in Europe (not including the fact I was born in Ukraine and moved when I was 2, so I don’t remember anything).

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s awesome!! I hope you all have an absolutely blast! All your concerns are definitely valid, but it’s all a part of the experience 😉
    Something else to remember: when you’re at the Colosseum, do not take a picture with the men dressed as gladiators…they will tell you afterwards how much you need to pay…
    Best wishes!

    • Haha ain’t that the truth! I remember learning about all the Greek and Roman gods in school. Same stories… different names. The Roman Empire was great at a lot of things, but originality in their mythology isn’t one of them.

      Rome was great, by the way! Expect posts on it soon 😀

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