It’s that time of semester again.

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Well, it’s that time of year again: the end of semester, where all your professors think it’s a great idea to make all your reports due at the same time.

I’ll be tackling those reports for the next week…

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…in the hopes of not failing all my classes. Though it’s going to happen anyway. Australian universities are weird.

So if I’m MIA for the next week or two, you know where I am!

(Sorry about that! I have a lot I want to write about Australia, trust me. But grades come first!)

8 thoughts on “It’s that time of semester again.

  1. Oh yes, this was ME about a month ago! My lecturers conspired against all of us and decided to make sure all our assignments, speeches and final in class tests were within the same ten days. Cool, right? However, I can now say that I’m 100% free until March and now I’m just losing my mind while I wait for my overall grade to be put up x_x Bundle of nerves over here! I hope your assignmenting is going well!

    • Thank you! My finals are in a week or so, and I’m freaking out just a bit. 😛
      Waiting for final grades it the worst, but I’m sure you did well! I hope you have a relaxing summer ^_^

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