It’s winter? Time to wear shorts and t-shirts.

My mom was very concerned when I declared that I wanted to go to Australia. She actually tried to talk me out of going this semester. Not because she didn’t support me studying abroad, but because of the time I chose to go.

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Indeed, it is winter here down under. I wasn’t too worried, though. After all, what could be worse than winter in Boston?

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And all my worries vanished when I Googled the average temperatures for Sydney in July.

post 147 image 3

Indeed, the website was serious. When I exited the Sydney airport, carrying all my luggage, I was met by a surprise:

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Though Australian weather isn’t as perfect as rumored. The temperature does drop rapidly as soon as the sun sets. The weather can fluctuate throughout the day. So, basically, I feel right at home.

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To top it off, this winter has been unseasonably warm. For the past week, I’ve been enjoying temperatures in the mid-70’s. (That’s around 23 degrees Celsius, for all you non-US people.) Not all of Australia is like this, though. Last weekend, I traveled to Canberra, Australia’s capital. Canberra is inland about 3 hours southwest of Sydney, and known to be a bit chillier.

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And was it colder? You bet it was! Why, the daytime reached a horrifying temperature of 66 degrees!

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I often express my amazement to native Australians, who usually try to prove to me that Australia’s not as nice as I think.

post 147 image 8

So pack me up, baby. I’m moving to Australia!

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10 thoughts on “It’s winter? Time to wear shorts and t-shirts.

  1. Haha!! Quite the humorous girl! Oh, and I’M FIRST!! “HAHAHA” to that as well. I liked that LORDE song you gave me. Have any other Australian/ New Zealand music you would like to share. Oh, and advice. You ARE older than me, so I feel you should give me some advice (as well as a comic script, but, then again, I owe you one of those too). It could be about anything useful you’ve learned (traveling, school, life, money, etc.) Anything at all that is not something standard and obvious like: save money, study in school, and don’t watch The Smurfs 2. Enjoy the great weather!

    • Hmm. I need to research more on Australian music! If I come across anything, I’ll let you know.
      And, gosh. You want advice? I don’t know if I’m a good person to ask advice from, since I’m pretty cynical. I guess one thing I can say that’s helped me out: go into things with an open mind, especially when talking to people! It’s so easy to write someone off as “weird” or a “freak” or just “wrong”– but generally, people have a life and background and interests that make them the way they are. Though I know you’re not the judgmental type, so this advice doesn’t really apply to you!
      Ummm. Hmmm. It’s hard to say. Whenever I give advice, I rarely ever follow it myself. And hey, I’m not that much older than you. You know just as well as I do!

    • Argh. More thinking has been done. I do strongly believe that you have to find and seize opportunities for yourself. It’s so easy for people to say that they want to do something, but it’s rarer to see people take action. (I’m equally guilty of this!) So if you want to do something– in my case, it was to study abroad– research it, find out what you have to do, and then do it! Well, I guess I’ve been lucky enough to actually pull this off.

      • ADVICE!! Thanks for it. Wait a sec. Just gotta turn on the serious, intelligent me. Even though, I am never either of those things, since I am Straw Hat Luffy! But, you do make some interesting points, including one of the harder things for humans to do: break a habit. Whoever can simply write down an important action or think up an important action and then do it, possesses great power that few can match. Earl Nightingale was one of these people. Earl Nightingale was a great motivational speaker of the 1950s and an author. I have this problem myself. I do, eventually, do what I REALLY want to do. But, I don’t want to do things that I know I should like, study early for exams, eat healthier or even make The Right to Be, EVENTUALLY! I want to do these things the first chance I get. And I found out how. Do you want to know how to do what you want as quickly as possible. The secret to this can be found in this video: The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale – Tell me if you want any more videos that talk about the same thing.

        • Awww, I think most people have the same problem. I wish I could enjoy studying, but the truth is, I hate it! Hmm, and that was a very nice video. You sure know a lot about self-motivation! It’s interesting what he said about letting go of your fears. As a college student, I always hear people discuss their fear of unemployment, their fear of failure, their fear of being thousands of dollars in debt after college– it’s so much less common to hear people speak of their dreams. I feel like I’ve spent my whole life being talked out of following whatever dreams I have, for reasons like “that’s how society works” and “life doesn’t always work out how you want it.” It’s kind of sad, you know?

          • Yes, I agree with you completely. It is quite sad. Actually, it is horrific, as anyone’s and everyone’s problems can be explained because they did not know about The Law of Attraction. Now, The Law of Attraction makes many friends and enemies. Some are right, some are wrong, some mix right with wrong intentionally and unintentionally, so it is hard to believe any of them. The Law of Attraction is simply, what ever you think about with emotion and/or for any given time brings those people/ events/ objects into your life depending upon the length of time you think about, the intensity of the emotion, and the belief that what you are thinking about will actually happen.

            Focusing on fear is something that most people (about 99%) do. Fortunately, your dreams (and I do mean ALL of your dreams) CAN happen and WILL if you use The Law of Attraction correctly.

            Using this law, you can bring about only good things into your life, and when bad things happen, they can be used to make even better things happen. The law can be used to give you anything you want and anything you don’t want. It can be explained well here:

            It with this that I am going to create The Right to Be and do many other amazing things.Be happy and happy circumstances will be brought to you. What will you do?

            • By the way, thank you for the compliment about me knowing a lot about motivation. And, you can know just as much with a few videos.

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