How to deal with stress

It’s that time of semester again:

I believe this happens every semester. Where students reach their saturation point, and are ready to go home and drink martinis on the beach. Alas, there is a month left in the semester. What’s a girl to do?

I’m a pretty high-stress person, so over the years I’ve developed a coping mechanism. You know, to keep my sanity.

Most people recommend taking breaks. However, I am far too neurotic for this to work.

In the end, I find that the most effective way to reduce stress is to remove the cause. Meaning I have to get my sh!t done! Or I will never be at peace.

So, to all the students out there? Struggling and stressing and having a rough time of it? GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO IT! You’re not the only one trying to make it through the year! Never lose sight of the white sands and pina coladas awaiting you in the near future!

(Actually, I think I just stress out too much. It’s probably just me.)

8 thoughts on “How to deal with stress

  1. I can’t help but remember your cell respiration pictogram that came with a song… That I SO totally would have gotten you to sing if not for Sam…

    I deal with stress by punching things 🙂

    Also, Glee does kinda suck now. I feel like they’ve been missing more than hitting of late.

    • AHAHA OMG. I remember that! I’m more of an in-the-shower singer than a in-the-middle-of-bio-class-with-Acuff singer, so I’m glad Sam was there…
      I KNOW! Since when was Glee all about who’s sleeping with who? Now all they do is fight, make up, and fight again… MEH. I stopped watching because I couldn’t take it anymore.

  2. College student inspiration, Vy!

    I’m just like you: if I’m stressed, I have to remove the stress, period. There’s nothing else to do.

  3. You can do it! I remember being in the same boat (I can be a perfectionist!) as a student and I survived/got good grades at the end.
    Are you going on a trip after the semester, or is the tropical island thing just a typical daydream?

    • Hahha I wish! A tropical island would be a nice break from cold Boston!
      I do have a shining light at the end of my semester, though– in May, I’m going with my school to Japan for a month! 😀

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