Gym rivalries

I go to the gym regularly enough. You know, healthy mind, healthy body, yada yada yada.

And when you go to the gym often enough, you start to notice certain patterns. Consistencies. The same type of person, over and over again. Every time I went to the gym back at home, I would always see these people:

And, of course,

Now I’m in college, though. Northeastern’s gyms are not nearly as diverse. Mostly we’re filled with

And with this new population, I’ve noticed a sort of…contention between fellow exercisers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did it ever seem like people sometimes compete with each other?

Or the weight room. Oh, the weight room. They’re always full of guys working their biceps and triceps and the like, trying to show each other up with larger and larger weights.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Staying in shape is admirable, after all. Though I get a bit uncomfortable when I find myself coerced into an unintentional race. Especially because I suck at running. When I did track and field in middle school, I stuck to long jump.

But those are just my offhand observations as I attempt to stay fit! Hopefully I can drop those several pounds I gained over the holidays. Oh home cooking, why must you be so delicious?


4 thoughts on “Gym rivalries

  1. I have noticed, in my gyms at psu, a particularly annoying breed of gym goers: the lolersk8ting gym girls. You will find them on the elliptical (because they are easy and burn lots of calories), on the treadmill (walking at a steep incline), the stair master (reading a magazine), or the bike (texting, not varying speed or intensity). They wear super cute matching training gear, or a cut up “state patty’s day” tshirt. They basically take up equipment to burn calories so they can look hot in their tight, black, high waisted miniskirt friday night, and force me to wait to take my aggression out on the treadmill until they have burned exactly five hundred calories without breaking a sweat (which, you think is impossible, but they can do it). They ebb and flow with the beginning and end of the semester. They, later in life, will become the yoga mom.

    • HAHAHAHAHAAHA WOW THAT IS PERFECT. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN. You forgot how they gossip loudly on the phone with their “bitches,” are often plastered with makeup despite being at the gym, and always wear tight yoga pants that inevitably have the word “JUICY” plastered across their butts. PSU ain’t the only school with that problem. Though I’m sure there’s quite a few there. I’ve heard stories about PSU’s gyms.

  2. I know what you mean about the “gym competition” type people! It’s so annoying. Come on, I want to work out, not have a race with strangers.

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