Freezing at Frozen Fenway

Every year, Fenway has a neat little event called “Frozen Fenway.” They build an ice hockey rink in the revered baseball stadium, invite long-time rivals to come and play each other, and charge the bejeezus out of the college kids who flock to see it. This year, Northeastern was going to play Boston College.

The idea is pretty neat and I had never been inside Fenway before. So I was hoping for a good time when I entered the stadium:

Pretty cool, right?

Or, more like:

Pretty cold.

The temperature was a cozy above-freezing when my suitemate and I walked over to Fenway. But as night descended, the temperature rapidly dropped and the winds steadily picked up. So, despite being dressed like this:

…my suitemate and I slowly reached new levels of coldness. It’s a process. A series of stages. That looks a bit like this:


To make a massive understatement, it was unpleasant. Between periods my suitemate and I would stand up and weakly stomp our feet in an attempt to warm up.

The folks at Fenway know this, too. They intelligently sell hot chocolate at outrageous prices to the fans.


And Northeastern lost, to boot. I have never seen so much hatred spilled on the ice as on that night in Fenway. Sad times.

So finally, the cold weather Boston is known for is starting to settle in. I haven’t even seen the worst of it! I’ll be in my Eskimo clothes for the next few months. No worries!


8 thoughts on “Freezing at Frozen Fenway

  1. BAHAHA. It’s 60 degrees here. πŸ˜‰ Granted, it is raining and windy, BUT IT IS NOT FROZEN!

    Still, I’m with you. Cold weather is seriously cramping my style.

    • OHHHH. I’m jealous! I miss warm weather! I actually love hot weather…. like, the 80’s and 90’s… which is why I decided to come to Boston! (?) Whatevs, I like snow too! πŸ˜€

    • Haha thanks! Luckily I did not catch anything out there, which is actually surprising considering how much my immune system was probably compromised. I’d like a shorter winter, definitely!

  2. FWIW, I think it’s worth it to see a baseball game in Fenway. It’s GORGEOUS. Also, summer is warm. I was never crazy enough myself to go for Frozen Fenway πŸ™‚

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