6 thoughts on “I shamelessly cop out

  1. D:

    Well, you need to prioritize. Nothing wrong with that.

    The last comic strip evoked a lot of emotion from me though… T.T

    also, I picture the girl that said “You too?!” going… Omae’mo ka yo?

    • That part was really sad… I could seriously talk to that kid all day and all night. I went home and researched questions for him, because I wanted to know too. Why couldn’t all kids be like that? TT____TT

  2. Awwww, poor Vy! I’m sorry. I think you did the right thing by leaving Sociedad, though. It was too chaotic for you to really be able to manage it. Don’t feel bad–be glad. 🙂 You’ll leave a lasting impression on those kids! And you’ll do great at the next organization, I bet. Structure is good. God is good, structure is good, etc.

    BTW…this post is the last thing I’m doing before going and taking my last final of the semester! AHHHHHHHHH

    • Good luck! Go destroy that final! Though I guess at this point, it has already been destroyed. I have two finals left! Two in a row Tuesday evening– I can do it!
      Thanks… I still feel bad, but I know I couldn’t have made a difference with the kids who really needed it. The kids who liked me were the ones who were well on their way to success. The other kids who knew me knew me as “the girl who can draw dragons really well.” Perhaps it’s good I’m working with art, then. 😀

  3. That’s sad. Hey, you must watch/read a lot of anime/manga. I can see, in some parts of the comic, start to sound like what a character would say. That last part with the boy was great! It reminded me of many of the different dreams seen in One Piece. BECOME A SCIENTIST

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